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Rays 6, White Sox 2: Last home game of the season a stinker

White Sox trail Detroit by three games with three left to play.


Bossman Junior had two homers to bookend my misery at U.S. Cellular Field today.

One in the first off Jose Quintana, and one in the ninth off of Addison Reed.

The White Sox, in contrast, did not have an extra-base hit.

They showed signs of life in the fourth inning by scoring twice, only to see Tampa answer immediately in the top of the fifth:

Bot 4th: Chi White Sox
- A. Rios singled to right center, K. Youkilis scored, P. Konerko to third
- D. Viciedo hit sacrifice fly to deep center, P. Konerko scored, A. Rios to third
Top 5th: Tampa Bay
- E. Longoria doubled to shallow left, B.J. Upton scored, B. Zobrist to third
- B. Francisco hit sacrifice fly to center, B. Zobrist scored

The highlight of the game was the giant Bill Melton mascot finally winning a relay race. His first win of the season.

In the picture: Dick Allen bringing up the rear as they raced past the bullpen bar for the final time.

I'm going to miss the red Sunday uniforms, but not as much as I'll miss baseball at the Cell.

Record: 83-76 | Box score | Play-by-play