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White Sox 11, Indians 0: Sox hold Tribe to nothing for nothing

"Nope." - A deflated Hawk Harrelson after the first two men reached base in the second and neither of them scored.

Jason Miller - Getty Images

Hector 'Rocky' Santiago and Corey Kluber "Lane" traded blows through 5 scoreless innings.

Then with Detroit starting in Kansas City, the Sox decided to show them something on the scoreboard and put up a 4 spot in the 6th. They added a run in the 8th inning, and 2 more in the ninth without the benefit of a home run, making it 7 zip.

Detroit pushed their lead from 2-0 to a 6-0 advantage in Kansas City. Miguel Cabrera led off the frame with a league leading 44th home run putting himself in position for the triple crown. The Tigers loaded the bases and Gerald Laird cleared them with a double.

Pretty much as soon as that happened, Robin Ventura symbolically threw in the towel and lifted both Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn for pinch runners in the ninth. An Alex Rios strike out and A. J. Pierzynski walk later, the bases were loaded for Dayan Viciedo. He hit a grand slam. The 11 runs for the Sox matched their output for the previous 4 games combined.

The 11-0 deficit marked the 11th time Cleveland was shut out this season.

Detroit hung on to win it 6-3 and eliminated the White Sox from the post-season.

Paul Konerko went 2 for 4 helping his bid to finish the season batting over .300. His average sits at .299 currently.

Hector Santiago must have meant it when he said he wanted to remain a starter next season. He only allowed one hit, one walk, and hit one batter while striking out 10 through his seven innings of work. He improved to 4-1.

The Steve Stone and Hawk Harrelson relationship seemed especially distant tonight. It was mentioned several times in the game thread, including this comment from BuehrleMan-

is stone still there?

if so, this is really, really crazy.

oh, stone just spoke. he had been silent for at least three minutes. i would love for someone to do a detailed analysis of the amount hawk and stoney have spoken tonight and how long there silences were and how many and how many times they actually spoke to each other. this is one of the weirdest things ever.

i think stone only spoke one sentence (a short one) in the bottom half of the eighth inning.

AL Central Standings

Detroit 87 73 .543 0 Won 3
Chicago 84 76 .525 3 Won 1
Kansas City 71 89 .443 16 Lost 2
Cleveland 67 93 .418 20 Lost 1
Minnesota 66 94 .412 21 Lost 3

(updated 10.1.2012 at 10:45 PM CDT)