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Bruce Levine injects doubt in Harrelson-Stone pairing "down the road"

ESPN properties historically avoid acknowledging other sources at all costs, so there's no way to know if Bruce Levine actually heard what Steve Stone said on 670 The Score, or if he's actually chronicling another turn in the story.

I think he's talking about beyond next season when he discusses the increasing likelihood of changes "down the road":

Stone, who has been considered one of the top analysts in the game for the past 30 years, was matter of fact in his response to questions about his role in the future.

"I have two years and an option left on my contract," is the only thing Stone would say on the record.

Harrelson, whose contract is up in 2015, will be entering his 29th season in the TV booth in 2013. When contacted, he said he had nothing to contribute to the subject matter in this story.

He follows that by reporting that Harrelson and Stone have talked to their bosses about needing to improve their broadcasts. But then he brings up the opening in the Arizona broadcast booth, which could lead to an opening in the Cubs booth, and I thought both of those were rendered moot when Stone told Jerry Reinsdorf he was "100 percent" certain he would return to the Sox. So I can't quite tell where all the parts fit in the timeline.