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Tuesday afternoon news: Dunn awarded, Fisk arrested

Adam Dunn has been awarded the Sporting News' AL Comeback Player of the Year, while Hall-of-Famer Carlton Fisk has been arrested on suspicion of DUI.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Sporting News saw fit to recognize Adam Dunn's non-miserable 2012 as they named him the American League's Comeback Player of the year. After hitting .159 with 11 home runs in 2011, one of the worst seasons by a player of all time, Dunn rebounded to his normal low-average, high-power self, ending the season with 41 homers and 105 walks, included in his line of .204/.333/.468. Alex Rios received nine votes, good for fourth place. Here's a nice little MLB compilation video of Dunn's season, as a recognition of the award; Fernando Rodney took home the official MLB version. In the National League, Buster Posey snagged both versions.

Meanwhile, in New Lenox, Hall-of-Fame catcher Carlton Fisk was arrested and charged on suspicion of DUI on Monday evening. Allegedly, officers found him unconscious behind the wheel of his F-150... which was in a cornfield. An open bottle of vodka was reportedly found in the vehicle. Fisk posted bond and was released.