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Today's the day: White Sox set to promote Rick Hahn, Kenny Williams

After 12 years in the general manager's chair, Kenny Williams will hand over the reins to his longtime assistant.

David Banks

The White Sox have scheduled media availability for Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn later this morning, and it has something to do with those pesky reports from mid-September.

Yes, twelve years and two days after he assumed the duties of White Sox general manager -- and on the seventh anniversary of his greatest achievement -- Williams will yield the GM's seat to Hahn, his right-hand man for nearly all of his tenure. Williams, like Ron Schueler before him, will retain his senior vice president title and serve as an adviser to Jerry Reinsdorf and the new regime.

We've been aware of this for a month, and there isn't much doubt about the coaching staff, so the biggest question about the incoming adminstration is what the chain of command might look like below Hahn. Mark Gonzales has some ideas:

Although Hahn has a strong background as a negotiator, Williams has sent him on scouting missions for the past few years. In addition, Hahn is well-respected by the Sox's player development department, including the professional and amateur scouts.

It's uncertain whether Hahn will relinquish the bulk of his contract duties, although he has delegated some of the smaller negotiations in recent years to Dan Fabian, the Sox's senior director of baseball operations, and Daniel Zien, Fabian's assistant.

We'll be all over it as it happens, so stay tuned.