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Thank you (and a programming note)

Taking time between seasons to express gratitude and issue a bulletin on current and upcoming developments.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

As we transition from the regular season to postseason and offseason, I'd like to take a moment to get sentimental up in here.

Thanks to everybody who participates here at South Side Sox. Whether you've been around for years or just showed up, whether you drive the conversation or lurk, you help make us bigger and better. Keep circulating the tapes. And thanks for being good sports during the (still-developing) transition to SB Nation United. You may have noticed that the design has tightened up and mobile page load times have improved, and there are more improvements, tweaks and fine-tuning on the way.

Thanks to everybody who has a hand in keeping the site churning. The contributions of Larry, Ken, U-God, Colin, Gus, HSA and UD make SSS a truly comprehensive resource, and they came through big-time when I left the country for two weeks. And then there's WU, Dr. E, and Tdogg, who keep an eye on the comments, although I appreciate how most SSSers are invested in maintaining a heightened standard of discourse and community.

Thanks to the beat writers -- Scott Merkin, Daryl Van Schouwen, Scot Gregor, Dan Hayes, Scott Powers and Mark Gonzales -- who give us a lot to talk and think about. Pro leagues rely more and more on their own outlets to present the news, but it's the access from outside media sources that allow us to piece together a more thorough understanding of what we're watching. And a big shout-out to 670 The Score, specifically Matt Spiegel and Dan Bernstein, for citing us when they deem our perspectives worthy of sharing to their audiences.

Thanks to the blogosphere -- James at White Sox Observer, Fornelli at South Side Asylum, Matt and company at Southside Showdown, Adam and Jeff at Oral Sox, among others -- for rousing rabble and generating interest, ideas and laughs. As I said in the previous paragraph, more is better.

And thank you for your continued patronage. I'm getting the idea that some may assume that when the Sox are done, so are we. On the contrary, allow me to state in big, bold terms:


We'll be deconstructing the season, setting up the offseason, covering and smothering all hot stove developments, and, when nothing else is doing, entertaining ourselves. Hopefully we'll keep entertaining you as well.