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The longest White Sox home runs of 2012

Adam Dunn returns to his rightful spot at the top of his team's distance charts. Watch how he did it.

Brad White - Getty Images

Does anybody remember laughter?

There was a two-week period in August where there was plenty of it. That fortnight featured five of the White Sox's longest and/or hardest-hit blasts, and when Tom Paciorek was around, he had a hard time containing his glee.

Let's watch 'em fly.

No. 5: Kevin Youkilis off Yu Darvish

Date: July 27 | Distance: 451 feet | Speed off bat: 108.7 mph

Oh, back when it was "all good" for Hawk Harrelson -- and it was. With the White Sox trailing 4-1, Youk took Yu deep to cut the lead to one. Two innings later, Alejandro De Aza bounced a two-run single through the right-side to give the lead they wouldn't give back.

No. 4: Tyler Flowers off Aaron Laffey

Date: Aug. 16 | Distance: 452 feet | Speed off bat: 115.4 mph

At one point, this home run at Rogers Centre was the White Sox's longest of the year. The initial estimate put it at 470, but Hit Tracker revised it down to 452, which seems rather dramatic. When you factor in distance plus speed off the bat, it ranks as the season's most thunderous blast.

No. 3: Tyler Flowers off Kevin Millwood

Date: Aug. 26 | Distance: 453 feet | Speed off bat: 111.4 mph

This one is only third on the list, but it's probably wins the award for Best Timing in a Non Walk-Off Role. After a six-minute field-drying delay, Flowers got down for a not-particularly-sharp Millwood slider and crushed it through the raindrops and over the first wall of shrubbery in center field, turning a 3-2 deficit into a 4-3 lead. The game was called due to rain before they could complete the inning.

No. 2: Adam Dunn off Jason Vargas

Date: Aug. 24 | Distance: 453 feet | Speed off bat: 110.1 mph

Dunn had already taken Vargas deep earlier in the game. This one went in just about the exact same direction, but about 33 feet farther. This game would be better known for the deep drive to right-center that didn't make it over the fence.

No. 1: Adam Dunn off Carlos Villanueva

Date: Aug. 13 | Distance: 460 feet | Speed off bat: 109.1 mph

Otherwise known as the one that turned Wimpy into Krusty the Clown.


Fastest homers

Were you curious about the two homers that left the yard faster than Flowers' moonshot off Laffey? I was, so here they are.

No. 1: Adam Dunn off Brad Lincoln

Date: Aug. 15 | Distance: 437 feet | Speed off bat: 119.1 mph

Adam Dunn's third appearance on this list, and all three of these homers have either tied the game or given the Sox the lead.

No. 2: Alex Rios off Tony Sipp

Date: May 26 | Distance: 436 feet | Speed off bat: 116.0 mph

Rios had been robbed of a homer earlier in the day. The outfielders wouldn't have time to get back to the wall on this one, capping off the scoring in another successful South Side Sox methup.