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White Sox Arizona Fall League Update

Updates about White Sox prospects, including participants in 2012 fall and winter leagues.

With our new toys, we'll be trying something new with the prospect/minor league coverage. Instead of using a FanPost, this article will be pinned near the top of the main page. Everything else should work the same - daily scores will be added as comments, along with any other pertinent news/analysis from around the interwebs. And when the comment number gets too high, another article will appear and be pinned to the top.

With the mechanics out of the way, the White Sox players in the AFL are: CF Trayce Thompson, INF Carlos Sanchez, 1B Andy Wilkins, RHP Andre Rienzo, RHP Salvador Sanchez, RHP Taylor Thompson and LHP Santos Rodriguez. They'll play for the Salt River Rafters, along with players from the Diamondbacks, Rockies, Blue Jays, and Nationals. Games are played everyday except Sundays.