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Terrerobytes: Reactions to the megatrade, Torii Hunter's signing, and Steve Tolleson

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The media hates Jeffrey Loria and the Tigers' new corner outfielder. Jerry Reinsdorf won't comment on the former.

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I didn't have much of a reaction when the Tigers signed Torii Hunter to a two-year, $26 million contract. Then again, the trade for Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante didn't trigger much of a surprise.

At this point, if the Tigers have an obvious hole and the time, talent and/or treasure to solve it, then they'll solve it. It might not be the most efficient plug. but Mike Ilitch doesn't care, so ... yep. He probably won't match his 2012 numbers, even while moving to a better park for hitting. But he's a definite upgrade over Delmon Young and Brennan Boesch. That's about all there is.

Maybe that, or I was distracted by all the gushing -- especially from Jon Morosi. This is how the news was presented to me:

Fair enough, that should...

Wait, why is media in that holy trinity--

With "Torii" in a hashtag, I read it as a giddy shriek.

Hunter did a nice job of finding himself a job, based on the report leading up to this. He wanted a winning situation. He wanted a two-year, $26 million contract like Carlos Beltran signed. And he found it with a team that hands out those contracts pretty easily.

The Tigers got tougher. They often do.


Jerry Reinsdorf basically reiterates what Brooks Boyer told us, but it's interesting to hear him say it. And if you're interested in those lower ticket prices, the White Sox posted sale dates and information for their "Pick 14" plan. The "Pick 7" (Jerry Owens) plan will be rolled out sometime in mid-December, with single game tickets going on sale on Jan. 26.

Somebody needed to replace Rey Olmedo. He's the son of Wayne Tolleson, so they'd be the first father-son combination to play for the South Side since the Alomars roamed the Earth, I believe.

MLB Trade Rumors tries to estimate the raises in store for the Sox's arbitration-eligible players. Gordon Beckham leads the way with a projected $3.1 million price tag. I have not yet done the legwork to see if this is too rich, but it would explain why his name might be bubbling up in trade rumors far more frequently.

Eric Seidman explains all the other intricacies and financial penalties that a player is saddled with after getting traded to Toronto. Agent fees and clubhouse dues are no longer deductible, for instance.

I was waiting for somebody to take the heel turn and fawn over Jeffrey Loria's heinousness, and Jonah Keri delivers in that first link. In doing so, Keri lays out exactly how Loria has used advantages afforded to him for his own personal gain. And Keri's an Expos fan!

Elsewhere in the megatrade reactions, Rob Neyer teaches some history, Keith Law teaches me a new word (not as good as "lugubrious," but what is?), the Miami Herald says Marlins fans really have something to gripe about now, Ken Rosenthal says Loria should have to sell the team (Loria: "Not today, boys"), and Jeff Passan says Bud Selig has some explaining to do, because, "Jeffrey Loria is a far worse owner than Frank McCourt on his divorcingest day."

And Selig's the one guy to hear from, because going back to the very first link at the top, when Dan Hayes asked Jerry Reinsdorf about the trade, Reinsdorf said, "That's above my pay grade."