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White Sox re-sign Dewayne Wise

Veteran receives $700K contract

DeWayne Wise
DeWayne Wise

Utility outfielder / emergency pitcher Dewayne Wise will be returning to the White Sox after signing a one year, $700,000 contract. The left-hander will be 35 next season.

Wise returned to the White Sox in August 2012 after being released by the Yankees. He enjoyed his best season since 2008, putting up a .259/.293/.429 line between the two clubs. In parts of ten seasons with six teams, Wise has compiled a career line of .228/.264/.385 and an impressive 1.200 WHIP.

The hero of Mark Buehrle's perfect game was arbitration-eligible this offseason. The $700K the White Sox have guaranteed him for 2013 will be his highest single-season salary. Back in 2009, the White Sox were also the last team to guarantee Wise a major league contract when he had the leadoff hitter position thrust onto him. Wise responded by playing poorly before separating his shoulder in the 7th game of the season and ended up with a .225/.262/.366 line in 153 plate appearances.

The 40 man roster is now full.