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Trample this! Holiday gift ideas for White Sox fans and their moms

Show your Sox spirit. Or force it upon somebody else this holiday season.

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Assuming everyone is nice and stuffed to the brim with gratitude by now, in the true spirit of Americana, I suggest we sprint straight into retail hell before your mashed potatoes are even digested. Or at least speed walk, I don't want anyone puking on the clean carpet. This Thanksgiving, I did what I'm guessing most people do on Thanksgiving. I surfed the net for some White Sox gift ideas. While my sister has already informed me that she's getting everyone livestock for Christmas (me, a goat), I'm clearly still planning to provide suggestion lists to the rest of my family and acquaintances. Nothing worse than getting another piece of cat art. It's like people seriously want me to be a crazy cat lady.

Anyway, I took some notes while I was scouring because I was coming across so much gold, that I wanted to include you, the community, in my findings. That, and Jim asked me to. So here are some gift ideas for that Sox fan in your life, or that person in your life whom you are trying to force into being a Sox fan, or even ideas for you to tell someone else to get for you! The possibilities for what you can do with this knowledge are practically endless-ish.

For the baseball lover and collector - antique baseball gloves! Pretty neat ones in there, if you're willing to shell out a little cash.

That stylish ladyfriend in your life needs one of these purse-like clutchy wallet things. Just look at all those Sox logos on the inside! Speaking of your ladyfriend, I'm pretty sure this isn't for handling your Miller Lite.

Your mom won't shut up about these Sox snowmen table runners.

Or for that executive who obviously doesn't have everything: the MLB Desktop Message Fan or the Comiskey Park Laser-Etched Musical Crystal Ball of course!

For your Uncle Bruce.

For hanging over your bed to increase your wife's odds of being in the mood.

For my desk, will someone get this for me I love it

Seems weak as hell as an overall bowling ball (says the league bowler who is currently hanging onto the lead women's handicap game score, aiming for a trophy soon here, folks!), but who really cares if you just like bowling and you just happen to like the White Sox too.

Or how 'bout some game and recreational items for the gamer and recreationerists in your life - the White Sox Connect Four or the Sox Rubik's Cube. Take 'em camping! Take 'em to the beach! Take 'em to the streets.

Who doesn't like their memories mounted?

I don't recommend giving these to anyone, but I was pretty amused by both sites' pictures of the product.


For e-gus and Trooper and all you other reproducers. Really ties the baby-room together.

I can't even process how much I love this Sox logo toaster and how firmly I believe it's what every happy household needs. Or perhaps what every miserable household needs to transform into the loving family they want to be!

Ok, I loved 2005 as much as the next guy. But they could not have made this item less appealing for your wall.

But wait, don't go wrapping any of these sweet gifts, without that special touch, that indicator that you care, that attention to detail that your friends and family have come to expect from you: White Sox gift stickers

Happy Holidays, folks. Don't get too caught up in the hype. Spring Training is just around the corner.