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Video: All of Dayan Viciedo's outfield assists in 2012

The Dayan Cannon gunned down 13 baserunners this past season, and you can watch them all.

Dayan Viciedo avenges an outfield death with a baserunner kill against Texas on July 27.
Dayan Viciedo avenges an outfield death with a baserunner kill against Texas on July 27.

Aside from his lack of range, reaction time and soft hands, I'd hate to see Dayan Viciedo move to third base because it's too much fun to watch his arm in the outfield.

The Dayan Cannon 13 assists, which doesn't seem like a lot until you put it in context with recent franchise history. Vciedo's assist total is:

  • Good for the fifth-most among AL outfielders in 2012.
  • The most of any Sox outfielder since Magglio Ordonez had 15 in 2000.
  • The most of any Sox left fielder since Tony Phillips' 13 in 1996.*
  • More than the entire Sox starting outfield had in 2011 combined.

(*The last outfielder with more than 13? Minnie Minoso, who had a hand in 14 baserunner outs in 1960.)

I watched them all for White Sox Outsider 2013 purposes, and since I'm not one to hog all the highlights, I've listed them below in chronological order, so you can watch them, too. If I didn't embed the video, click on the header to get to it. I also GIF'd the three assists that weren't captured in an highlight, so we're all covered here.

Assist No. 1: May 15, Miguel Cabrera

Viciedo chases a ball down in the corner and starts a relay that gets Miguel Cabrera at home.

Assist No. 2: May 16, Mike Trout

Raising the degree of difficulty slightly, Viciedo throws out superstar baserunner Mike Trout at second when he tries to stretch a single into a double.

Assist No. 3: May 18, David DeJesus

Gordon Beckham gets most of the credit here. Viciedo does all he can to get the ball to second in a hurry, but it's slightly off the bag. Beckham's cross-body block takes care of the rest.

Assist No. 4: June 6, Colby Rasmus

Rasmus slices a run-scoring hit to the left-center gap, but Viciedo cuts it off and makes a terrific throw to get Rasmus at second for a consolation prize.

Assist No. 5: July 7, Jose Bautista

Viciedo loses Bautista's fly in the sun, then takes enough time to track it down to lure Bautista into trying for third.

(I lied! This is the actual video. The above is just additional proof that R.B.I. Baseball remains the most realistic baseball game ever made.)

Assist No. 6: July 24, Justin Morneau

Viciedo plays the ball off the wall and fires the ball to second. Alexei Ramirez cuts it off and throws to Beckham in time to win a bang-bang ruling.


Assist No. 7: July 27, Yorvit Torrealba

After Alejandro De Aza and Alexei Ramirez collide on a ball that falls between them, Viciedo collects the ball in time to get the force at second.

Assist No. 8: Aug. 5: Torii Hunter

Viciedo gets an assist on a bad throw. Hunter drives in Peter Bourjos with a single through the left side, and Viciedo's throw goes over the cutoff man to Tyler Flowers. Hunter tries to take second, but Flowers' throw is on target and on time, ending the inning.

Assist No. 9: Aug. 7, Eric Hosmer

Viciedo limits the damage on Tony Abreu's RBI single by making an outstanding throw to get Hosmer at third.

Assist No. 10: Aug. 18, Alex Gordon

This one took me a while to track down, because it's the only one that didn't result in an out. The scorer charged Beckham with an error for dropping the ball.


Assist No. 11: Aug. 19, Johnny Giovatella

Another guy trying to stretch a single into a double.


Assist No. 12: Sept. 8, Lorenzo Cain

A picture-perfect relay after Viciedo runs out of room in left on a wallbanger. I'm starting to think the Royals might not be the best baserunning team in the majors.

Assist No. 13: Sept. 22, Torii Hunter

It's the same damn out he ran into last time, with minor distinctions: 1) a runner on third, 2) A.J. Pierzynski is catching, and 3) there was a brief rundown. The Sox will be seeing more of him now that he's on Detroit, and if these two plays are any indication, he might not help Detroit's league-worst baserunning score as much as it seems.