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White Sox complete Player Development staff

Some blasts from the past will mold the White Sox of the future.

Can Vance Law turn Courtney Hawkins into a ballplayer?
Can Vance Law turn Courtney Hawkins into a ballplayer?

Britt Burns and Vance Law are returning to the White Sox. No, you haven't fallen through a time warp into KenWo's baseball card collection. Burns and Law are just some of the 1980's vintage White Sox who have joined their alma mater's player development staff.

Burns will be the pitching coach of the Double-A Birmingham Barons. He replaces Bobby Thigpen, who was named the Sox Bullpen Coach earlier this year. Burns was with the White Sox from 1978 to 1985. During his career, he was 70-60 with a 3.66 ERA. He was part of the 1983 "Winning Ugly" White Sox. He pitched Game 4 of the ALCS against Baltimore, throwing nine shutout innings before giving up a solo homer to Tito Landrum in the 10th.

In 2010, Jim Margalus talked to Burns about '83, and his desire to return to the Sox. "In general terms, it would be nice if it all worked out, and that entails a lot of variables," Burns said. "I think it would be interesting someday, and I would certainly welcome the opportunity."

It would appear that it has all worked out.

Vance Law returns to the Sox as a Special Assistant to Player Development. Vance Law is not related to Rudy Law, but they were teammates in 1983. Law (Vance) played in Chicago twice. He returned to the Windy City in the late 80's....this time as a member of the Cubs. He was so popular the "Vance Law Dog" was sold at Wrigley Field. It was a Chicago-style hot dog that was slathered in cole slaw and ketchup. Wikipedia tells me that fans would erroneously call it the "Vance Slaw Dog." Can you blame them?

P.S.: "The Vance Law Dog" sounds horrible.

Law was the head baseball coach at Brigham Young University from 2000 through 2012.

Joel Skinner is the manager of the Charlotte Knights. Skinner was a highly touted Sox prospect in the mid 80's. He was being groomed to succeed Carlton Fisk as catcher. In fact, Skinner's ascendancy through the minors prompted then GM Hawk Harrelson to move Pudge to Left Field for several games in 1986.

The White Sox have also signed Jose Bautista! Not the slugging outfielder for the Toronto Blue Jays, but the former Oriole, Cub, and Detroit Tiger. He's the Pitching Coach for the Kannapolis Intimidators. Bautista's Manager will be Tommy Thompson, the four term governor of Wisconsin...

Actually, my notes are incorrect. In 2012, Thompson managed the Winston-Salem Dash.

Larry Owens. Yes, THE Larry Owens is the Pitching Coach for the Bristol Sox. Owens has been a member of the Sox player development staff since 2006.

Even so, I have this image of Jerry Owens in a fake mustache and top hat. You never know where "Larry" Owens will pop up next.