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USSS Weekly breaks down Gordon Beckham's engagement

Get the scoop on the White Sox second baseman's major announcement from the worst thing ever published on this site.

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Andy Dirks confesses to pals: "I thought Gordon was only head-over-heels for me!"
Andy Dirks confesses to pals: "I thought Gordon was only head-over-heels for me!"

Inquiring minds want to know:


and here i was hoping for an in-depth analysis of gordon beckham’s engagement and its possible ramifications for the 2013 white sox.

On the diamond, White Sox heartthrob Gordon Beckham has frustrated his fans by popping out ...

... but with a diamond on Thursday afternoon, the Georgia Peach elated his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Fletcher, by popping the question!

"I'm engaged to my best friend ," Beckham told his 34,000 Twitter followers on Thursday. "Happiest day of my life."

"Boom," he added.

Then it was picture time, with Fletcher Instagramming a pic of the happy item's champagne squeeze play, and Beckham tweeting the rock. The White Sox second baseman and the daughter of a White Sox infielder have been a keystone combo since "hell if I know," a source tells SSS.

Fletcher, 25, is a medical sales rep and reality celeb who competed in "The Amazing Race" this past season, with her team getting the heave-ho in the third episode.

Beckham, 26, has been a South Side mainstay after bursting onto the scene with a sizzling rookie season at third in 2009.

The Cell swooned over the Bulldog's opposite-field line-drive swing and its 50-double potential, but his plate approach has been on the rocks over the last two years, with a batting average hanging out in the .230s and an OBP stuck on .296, and he can't get the scoop on his struggles.

"He's beefed up, he's slimmed down, he's been spotted with his off-and-on leg kick," gushed a friend close to an Arby's (the good one). "He's tried everything!" Others have said that Beckham thinks too much and needs to take his mind off mechanics and "let his hair down" at the plate.

This is a make-or-break year, as industry sources project a $3.1 million payday for the newly arb-fab Beckham. With Carlos Sanchez graduating from Teen Dream to the Next Big Thing and waiting in Charlotte for his shot, it's time for Beckham to "soar or take his wings and consider a career in HVAC," said a source who abandons metaphors before completion, and probably for the better.

But maybe turning two into one will rehab his future, as observers have noted that family man Gordon loves to put on a show when relatives are watching. Will getting hitched fix his hitch? Stay tuned!