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Dunn problem was known issue for Guillen before season

When Jake Peavy kinda-sorta suggested that Ozzie Guillen quit on the team during an appearance on Chris Rongey's show, Guillen, who wasn't in the States, promised to respond to Peavy with guns blazing upon his return. It took Jerry Reinsdorf's mediation to keep a pointless controversy from spiraling out of control.

Today, though, another member of the team jumped on another radio show and detailed further mismanagement by Guillen. This time, it concerned Adam Dunn. The source said Guillen knew something was wrong with Dunn's swing as early as spring training, and still, Guillen ran Dunn out there often enough to come within six plate appearances of qualifying for the batting title.

The damning exchange as described on The Waddle & Silvy Show:

"[Greg Walker] says 'We have a problem,' I say 'What? Spring training is only a couple of days [old].' He says 'You've got to come out and see Adam Dunn's swing.' I said 'Don't worry about it. We've got a month and a half to get ready, go through spring training. Don't worry about it.' " [...]

"I looked at his swing and I told [bench coach] Joey Cora going home, 'We've got a big problem.' "

This is surprising, because if Guillen really knew what this source is saying he knew, there would be no excuse for giving Dunn 496 plate appearances. Furthermore, it would also negate all the times Guillen said Dunn had to be in the lineup. In the beyond-all-repair state this source described, Dunn was essentially a crippled hitter, except he had no injury to send him to the DL.

Really, what Guillen is being accused of here is worse than anything Peavy said. Intentionally placing a ruined player in the center of the lineup for 496 plate appearances and refusing all other alternatives goes beyond negligence and into a baseball equivalent of dereliction of duties.

Man oh man. Brace yourself for another unseemly situation, because when Ozzie Guillen hears what Ozzie Guillen said about Ozzie Guillen, he's going to tear himself a new one.