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Sunday Links are almost there

I couldn't think of any coherent theme this week. On top of that, I'm feeling a certain inertial disadvantage at the moment. On top of that, I have to wake up a bit early tomorrow (today for you) to attend a hockey game, an 11:30 start. Who do these NHL schedulers think they are? More to the point, who do they think I am? Anyway, apologies for the slip-shoddiness. Your light reading for the weekend:

  • Tim Wakefield just retired, and here is the link I want you to read regarding that.
  • Also via Deadspin, a Bobby Valentine profile in the New York Times, and the supposed birth of the wrap.
  • As we know, Gary Carter recently died. Here's his interview with Leonard Lopate of WNYC in 2008, as shared by VAChisox. I realize that a lot of the stuff I share here takes some commitment, but I try to keep these things quality. Respect a veteran and have a listen.
  • Jonah Keri examines the Astros, admitted re-builders, with a semi-recent look at some numbers behind pitch framing.
  • From South Side Expat, a tribute to Sox fan Bernie Mac is set to air tonight on Comedy Central.
  • From Fangraphs (always, apparently), a positional breakdown of the cost of WAR. The bullpen numbers are ridiculous; Matt Swartz attempts to tie the cost of relievers to general managers trying to keep their jobs. It's interesting.
  • The ten worst swings of last season. Most are "checked" swings, but the still photos do look ridiculous. Zero White Sox made the list. Phew!
  • More Bo Jackson stuff, and why the hell not? Here's his only inside-the-park home run (shared earlier at the end of a video linked by KenWo),and Rob Neyer on Bo, from last year, with a mighty cool video link at the end.
  • I basically have to link this YouTube video, Sh*t Black Guys Do. I laughed, and that's what counts.
  • Just in case you were still wondering about Brian Anderson, he's doing fine. No one was wondering, I know, not even the "auto-tag" feature in the SBN publishing program. There's a reason that was the last link.

Last Sunday without baseball, folks. Breathe deep, it's upon us.