Calling all new readers and lurkers: Open thread on Feb. 6

As we approach a new season, it's time to approach readers of South Side Sox who may not jump into the comments and say, "Why don't you like us?"

But seriously, I want to extend an invite to new readers and longtime lurkers to register an account if you haven't before, and log in if you have.

Why? Four reasons:

1) It's a lot easier to navigate the comments.

Even if you're more into reading than writing, navigating the site is a lot easier when logged in because of the enhanced commenting. New comments will load as they come in, you'll see which ones you haven't read yet, and you'll be able to skip to the newest comments with the "Z" key.

2) ADDED: You can tell us what you'd like to see more of.

As Trooper says below, being logged in gives you the ability to "rec" posts and comments, which is a way to tell SSS which posts and comments add value to the site.

(I rec'd Trooper's comment for pointing that out.)

3) There's a one-day waiting period for new accounts.

This is in order to prevent trolls and unreasonably angry people from flooding the site when there's a reason to troll or be incredibly angry. It keeps the noise down. And if you register soon, you can gear up for Monday, because...

4) On Monday, Feb. 6, we'll be posting an open thread to reduce the learning curve.

I've heard from a number of people who find the comments a little overwhelming for one reason or another. Between the usage of advanced stats, the long-running inside jokes and the demand for reason, there can be a barrier to entry that's tough to break through. I'd like to try to reducing it temporarily with an open thread that will allow SSSers new and old to ask any question or raise a topic they've had in mind while reading the site, and honest questions/comments will get helpful answers/responses.

South Side Sox has more rigorous standards than many blogs and forums when it comes to making and defending points. That's not going to change, and hey, it just might not be fun or worthwhile for everybody. But by and large, we're a friendlier bunch than we may appear, and I imagine there is a decent number of readers on the outside looking in who could turn into regulars if given a window to get acclimated. Also, I imagine there are some regulars who might be missing out on some segment of the site's entertainment value, but didn't feel like it would be smart to ask about it.

So on Monday, Feb. 6, we'll have an all-day open thread to ask what you've wanted to ask, and we'll see what happens. We've never had a thread with the purpose of increasing mutual understanding, so it's worth a shot, because more regulars we have, the better our site will be.

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