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Obviously, Robin Ventura has a favorite word

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In his introductory round of interviews back in the fall, I noted that Robin Ventura had leaned on one particular adverb an inordinate amount.

Well, in his Q&A upon his arrival at Camelback Ranch on Wednesday, Ventura took it up a notch.

  • "There’s competition for everything, but as far as guys coming here with a clean slate, I’m obviously the guy for that because I haven’t really been around to see them enough to pinpoint exactly who’s going to do what in regards to the bullpen."
  • "I’ve never gone to the mound and taken someone out, so that’ll obviously be new. As far as talking to guys, I’ve had arguments with guys before, and competition just brings that out."
  • "Well that’s obviously new, but there are formats that have already been in place before. We obviously bring our own things and modify things, and that’s part of having a staff, they do a lot of that stuff."
  • "I think if guys pass on that stuff and the kind of stuff that needs to be done then we’ll obviously have to deal with it."
  • "Hopefully guys can play better. That’s just obviously something from last year that’s the situation we’re in."

Ladies and gentlemen, the new manager of the White Sox: Captain Obviously.

Christian Marrero Reading Room

Phil Rogers isn't buying into the White Sox as a true contender, but he doesn't think Robin Ventura will be the reason why.

Gonzales handles a question from a fan who doesn't like Camelback Ranch's prices and isn't me, and he shares a couple of details I hadn't heard before:

From what I was told late last spring, the Sox addressed the ticket pricing issue with the Camelback Ranch people. A big concern for me (or at least for the fans) is the fact they haven't put in a misting system for the fans sitting behind home plate facing the sun. Nearly all of the Cactus League ballparks provide ample shade for fans (especially senior citizens) that comes in handy when the temperature approaches 80 degrees. This hasn't been the case at Camelback Ranch, where many fans with seats behind home plate often resort to watching the game from the concourse, where there is shade.

The configuration of the stadium was terrible (with home plate located in the northwest corner). The thought that fans would be provided with a view of the Estrella Mountains was simply absurd, since you have a clear view only if you're standing on the concourse or sitting in the press box on the third base side. Again, I was told by a high-ranking official that the Sox had no say in the configuration.

Also, for those keeping track at home -- Tyler Flowers and Dayan Viciedo have one option remaining, and Donnie Veal, Jhan Marinez, Simon Castro and Ozzie Martinez each have two.

Who cares? Well, more accurately, whoever comes out with it is fine, I guess.

Once again, I'd like to point out that Chris Sale is a media dynamo. When a "TV guy" characterized Ozzie Guillen as "obnoxious" in a question to Sale, he responded:

"Ozzie's a great guy, I love him," Sale said. "He gave me nothing but opportunities. He fought for me. He was awesome. I loved playing for Ozzie, but like I said before it's a new year. We've got a new face in that manager's office and we're ready to move forward."

Zach Stewart has lost his flowing locks, Dylan Axelrod is in the Best Shape Of His Life, and Herm Schneider has lost 70 pounds.

I remember watching an MLB Network replay of Carlton Fisk's first game with the White Sox in 1981. Herm Schneider came out out to the mound, and Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall raved about Schneider's condition because they said he lost 60 pounds during the winter. Thirty years later, he might have outdone himself.