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Reading Room: White Sox team health and award candidates besides Herm

Christian Marrero Reading Room
Christian Marrero Reading Room

This spring is generating more stories than usual this time of year, so let's take a jog through my Google Reader lists:

In what has become an annual tradition, has nothing but good things to say about Herm Schneider and his crew. The biggest surprise is that Dayan Viciedo, not Alejandro De Aza, earns a red flag, because of his weight and missed time.

Jeff Manto cites Charlie Manuel as one of his greatest influences, and he rejects the notion that hitting coach is "the hardest job in baseball."

SB Nation launches its new YouTube channel today, featuring SB Nation names that are just a little bigger than mine. Subscribe!

Two sensible national previews worth reading, so I'm just going to focus on one item apiece. Jonah Keri mentions the Brent Morel-Jose Bautista connection, but says the White Sox still won't win anything even if, by some miracle, Morel turns his September surge into a season full of slugging. I wouldn't be so dismissive, because Morel turning into a power-hitting dynamo changes the entire complexion of the lineup.

In the latter article, Ted Keith mentions that Adam Dunn buys one scratch-off ticket a day.

It would be kinda funny if Dunn's biggest goal in baseball was winning the Comeback Player of the Year award, and last year was all an elaborate setup.

Robin Ventura earned positive reviews for his opening speech of spring training, and also set a new high-water mark for intensity by saying, ""It’s offensive to me for people to come in and not put out a good effort."

Trayce Thompson spent the offseason at Craig Grebeck's hitting academy in southern California, working with Mark McGwire and Skip Schumaker. I like to imagine the only thing playing on TV there is a looped VHS tape of Grebeck taking Nolan Ryan deep on Aug. 10, 1990.

I was surprised to see Paul Assenmacher on the list, but he certainly did do some heavy lifting for the Cubs in 1990 and 1991.

If only for this quote from Matt Thornton:

"When you are throwing the junk we've been throwing out there, with last year how bad we played at different stretches of the year, I wouldn't want to watch that either."