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White Sox Outsider 2012 is on sale

Cover_medium White Sox Outsider 2012, the fourth installment of my annual Chicago White Sox reference book, is now on sale. Thanks for your patience, thanks to Carl for making it look great, and thanks to Adrienne, Jeff, Larry, Mike and Randy for helping me edit it and put it all together.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Here's where to buy it, and if you use the promotional code MARBOOKS12 at checkout, you get 20 percent off.

Here's what's inside:

Section 1: Transaction Log

Looking at the way the roster transformed through signings, trades, injuries, promotions and demotions before and after the 2011 season.

Section 2: 2011 Season in Review

A detailed accounting of the 2011 season, with every month recapped by "Month in a Box."

Section 3: Down on the Farm

An evaluation of the state of the farm system, the prospects who gained and lost the most over the previous season, and a breakdown of the 2011 draft.

Section 4: White Sox Eulogies

Parting words for every White Sox player who is no longer with us, from Mark Buehrle to Josh Kinney.

Section 5: From Ozzie to Robin

A look at how the Ozzie Guillen situation took a turn for the irredeemable, how Robin Ventura came out of nowhere to replace him, and the situation he inherits.

Section 6: Looking Forward

Detailed reviews and previews for each player on the 40-man roster.

Also: Six cartoons by Carl Skanberg!

Along with the handsome cover, Carl also provided six cartoons for each of the sections, and they're awesome. So if you're wondering what the pain and agony of the 2011 season was good for, there you go.

If you've never bought any edition before, you can view a preview on my White Sox Outsider site. Thank you in advance for your patronage, and as always...


Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.