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Red Sox 1, Hitless Wonders 0: Peavy pitches another complete game gem, loses


"What a job by Jakemeister, he's awesome." - Hawk Harrelson as Jake Peavy walked off the mound with 9 innings, 7 strike outs, 1 walk, and 1 earned run in the books.

Peavy was great tonight, stopping the Red Sox offense cold after they scored 10 runs against us in each of the last two contests. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to keep Boston from getting their 10th win. The last place Red Sox are now a .500 team. Lester matched Peavy with 7 strikeouts and only one walk of his own. He allowed one more hit than Jake in two less innings. It was enough to get his first W of the season and shave a couple points off his ERA.

The White Sox losing streak sits at 5 and they have dipped back below .500 at 10-11.

The offense is just bad right now. Paul Konerko is doing his part. Two doubles tonight from the Captain. He should have had an RBI in the first inning, but slow to begin with Adam Dunn was lollygagging from first to third and didn't notice his third base coaching frantically waving him home. Rios couldn't drive him home, flied out to right, inning over.

In the 7th inning they showed us a little of that 2011 fan murdering magic we got used to at home games a season ago. Rios struck out to start the inning. Viciedo singled. Flowers tried to hit into a double play but was rewarded with an infield hit and everyone safe. The break we needed! Nope. Morel tried to hit into a double play, too, but the Red Sox were only able to get one out on the play. Gordon Beckham came up and battled with Lester in what was a pretty good at bat, but in the end he hit into a fielder's choice and ended the inning. Good teams score with that many extra outs in an inning.

White Sox regulars batting below .250:

A. DeAza .244

A. Ramirez .205

A. Dunn .224

D. Viciedo .188

B. Morel .178

G. Beckham .153

White Sox back ups batting below .250:

K. Fukudome .227

T. Flowers .133

B. Lillibridge .158

E. Escobar .125

Yeah, yeah, its batting average but you get the point. Everyone but Konerko, AJ, and Rios suck. Rios shaved almost 20 points from his today, give him a couple weeks and I bet he can make this list, too.

Tomorrow is bat day at the cell.