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Chris Sale's MRI "clean and pristine," will start tomorrow

Chris Sale, in a fog.
Chris Sale, in a fog.

In every story, there is an arc and this bizarre Chris Sale saga is no exception. Different people will tell you there are a different number of points in an arc or that there are different names for these points. Here's one version, applied to Sale's story:

  1. Stasis: Sale is a happy-go-lucky reliever for the Chicago White Sox who yearns for more.
  2. Trigger: GM Kenny Williams decides Sale will be a starting pitcher for the White Sox.
  3. The quest: An excited Sale works all offseason and spring training to build up his endurance so he can start.
  4. Surprise: After five successful starts, Sale experiences elbow tenderness in his left arm.
  5. Critical choice: On a road trip, Manager Robin Ventura and Pitching Coach Don Cooper decide, in order to save his career, that this means Sale can't start anymore because that would be bad for him. But he will be able to pitch out of the bullpen, where he'll be The Closer. But then they choose not to use him as The Closer. Or maybe he can start, but just not right now. Check back next week or later this month or next season. Or maybe we should ask Williams. Or maybe we should get a medical opinion on it. How about we schedule an MRI, I always wanted to know what the inside of an arm looks like? [The author of this story needs to clean-up this section because it doesn't make sense.]
  6. And now we come to the point in the story where we are right now.

  7. Climax: Sale went directly to Williams to plead his case to be a starter (one could also write that sentence as "Sale went over the heads of his manager and pitching coach to plead his case to Williams."). Sale had the MRI. And, as the headline says, per Williams, Sale will be starting tomorrow after his MRI came back "clean and pristine". So how will the rest of this story unfold?
  • Reversal: Now that Sale has suffered through this bizarre episode, will he be reborn and reinvigorated as starter? Or will he crumble under the pressure of expectations?
  • Resolution: Will this be the final resolution of this issue or will we hear every time Sale's velocity is down or is sore or skips a side session that to save his career he should pitch out of the bullpen?
  • Yeah, you can tell this story is really awesome and well-executed. I just can't wait to see where it goes next.