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Pick 6 Leaderboard: May 7 - May 13

1 lisas523 356.9
2 HAR--OLD 309.9
3 larry 307.8
4 Rhubarb 277.7
5 Nordhagen 266.1
6 jorgefabregas 241.9
7 ObsidianXIII 241.1
8 Jim Margalus 236.6
9 815Sox 224.9
10 JofpGallagher 224.6

Congratulations to lisas523. We have no idea who you are but you kicked everyone's butt last week. It's unfortunate that the prize requirements are that a winner must have posted at least once on SSS. The prize, two Scout Seats for the 5/22 game against the Twins and a one-on-one guacamole class with White Sox legend Donny Lucy, will thus go to the third place contestant.*

The overall leaderboard continues to accurately reflect the pecking order of baseball knowledge on SSS.

1 Jim Margalus 527.4
2 larry 519.1
3 lisas523 510.8
4 jorgefabregas 469.8
5 JofpGallagher 424.0
6 Nordhagen 419.1
7 Rhubarb 415.9
8 ChiSoxFan 395.8
9 jacksorbettter 393.8
10 KoreanExpress 390.0

If you want to get in on the action and prove your abilities as a successful user, the link in the top left-hand corner of the site will get you started.

*There are no prizes. Of course, you will be able to demonstrate your superiority and be able to talk shit the rest of the week. Hey, KenWo, it looks like there's rain in your forecast.