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Chris Sale to bullpen due to "slightly tender elbow"

Chris Sale
Chris Sale

For all of you who were ripping on Colin for positing that Sale's reduced velocity was possibly due to a health issue, you all can post your apologies below. Chris Sale is being moved to the bullpen due to a "slightly tender elbow area". The White Sox are emphasizing that Sale is not injured but that's really a matter of semantics.

The idea of the move is to get him off a starter's workload. He will apparently serve as the White Sox closer beginning Monday. Frankly, I'm having some trouble seeing how pitching out of the bullpen will help a tender elbow. This may simply be cover for moving him back to the bullpen permanently and "solving" the White Sox closer conundrum. Update: It's confirmed that the plan is for Sale to be the closer for the rest of 2012.

As a starter, Sale had performed very well: 5 GS, 32 IP, 24 H, 8 BB, 29 K, 2.81 ERA.

In related news, Dylan Axelrod will be taking Sale's spot in the rotation for the time being. His first start will be Sunday. Speculation is now centered on Eric Stults being called up to pitch one game of Monday's doubleheader against the Indians.