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Two true outcomes after Adam Dunn's latest home run


In what's no longer a novelty, Adam Dunn hit a resounding home run on Thursday night. It was a three-run shot off Jake Westbrook, and you can watch it here:

But here are a couple of novel developments as a result of his most recent blast...

No. 1: He now holds or shares the American League lead in all three true outcomes.

With his 22nd homer, Dunn now moves into a first-place tie with Josh Hamilton on the home run leaderboard. He's at the top by himself when it comes to walks (49) and strikeouts (99).

Add it all up, and Dunn runs into one of the three true outcomes in 62.5 percent of his plate appearances. According to this Baseball Think Factory thread, that would set a TTO record currently held by Jack Cust, who ran into a true outcome in 58.2 percent of his plate appearances in 2007.

No. 2: He has doubled his 2011 home run total in nearly half the playing time.

  • 2011: 11 HR over 122 games.
  • 2012: 22 HR over 62 games.

Thank goodness.