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Pick 6 Leaderboard: June 11 - June 17

Pick 6
Pick 6

Congratulations to TheBill for taking the win last week by a nose over craigws. The top five from last week:

1 TheBill 383.2
2 craigws 378.0
3 Nordhagen 343.7
4 JustTrustMe 337.2
5 KenWo4LiFe 315.8

We haven't had an update for a couple weeks now so I should also recognize cwsdfw for being the SBN-wide winner on June 6. I think that was the first time any SSS user won.

The overall standings are me, Nordhagen, jacksorbetter, Ryno and JustTrustMe. Since the last update, Jim's Asian Adventure caused him to drop from 2nd to 9th. lisa523 slid from 5th to 12th.

South Side Sox users continue their climb up the SBN-wide standings. zsiv of Camden Chat is the one everyone is chasing with 1930.3 points. I'm 7th and Nordhagen is knocking on the door of the top 20.

You can always start playing by clicking on the logo in the top left-hand corner of the site or by going here. Tonight's deadline for picking your 6 is 6:05pm (central).