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Kevin Youkilis traded to White Sox

This isn't the action of a guy who is staying put.
This isn't the action of a guy who is staying put.

The move that everybody assumes will happen ... appears to be happening. Kevin Youkilis is apparently heading to the White Sox. Lots of people are tweeting about it, but Jon Heyman offers the most authorative tweet yet:

And if you don't believe Heyman...

Speculation has heated up steadily throughout the day, with Youkilis getting his "last start at Fenway" treatment from Bobby Valentine, Red Sox fans and Red Sox players. He was lifted for a pinch-runner after a triple, and answered the crowd's demands for a curtain call before leaving, and leaving for good, apparently.

Worth noting: Zach Stewart was supposed to start for Charlotte, but not anymore. So maybe the White Sox are footing most of the bill.

UPDATE: David Kaplan tweets that it' "Stewart and a utility player." Brent Liilibridge pinch-ran for Paul Konerko, and is still technically in the lineup as DH.

UPDATE: Heyman says the utility player is Lillibridge.

UPDATE: The White Sox are sending Stewart and Lillibridge to the Red Sox for Youkilis and cash. Heyman says Boston will contribute $5.5 million toward the remainder of his $12 million salary for 2012, and the $1 million buyout (or $13 million club option) for 2013.

UPDATE: Dan Hayes says it's $5.6 million.