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What's changed since the White Sox last played the Minnesota Twins?

It's nice that they let fans visit him, though I'm curious as to why the Twins decided to imprison Rod Carew.
It's nice that they let fans visit him, though I'm curious as to why the Twins decided to imprison Rod Carew.

It's been requested a few times that I do an occasional update to the opponent previews throughout the season. And since one of those people who makes that request bought all my rounds yesterday, it feels right to start doing that. Here's the original.

When we first played them a little over a month ago, the Minnesota Twins were scoring 3.78 R/G. They've improved that figure all the way up to 4.07, which only puts them ahead of the woeful offenses of the Kansas City Royals and the Oakland Athletics. Their pitching staff was giving up 5.49 R/G. Now? 5.34, which is just shy of half a run more per game than the next worst pitching staff in the American League (the Cleveland Indians). When you look at the numbers, the poor record is no surprise.

Things I got wrong in the first preview: I called Trevor Plouffe bad at baseball and set a season cap of fifteen homeruns for him. He's currently tied with Josh Willingham for the team lead in homeruns with fifteen. This could be a 2011 Brent Lillibridge fluke kind of thing, but he's made me look silly. Justin Morneau is still struggling more than I thought he would, despite his power coming back. Scott Diamond's magic season continues on.

Things I got right: Alexi Casilla and Brian Dozier are both hitting like Alexei Ramirez this year. Unfortunately for Minnesota fans, that's not a good thing in this crazy sideways 2012. Shortly after declaring shock at Jason Marquis' employment, the Twins cut him. So that was neat.

Things that are different: The speedy Ben Revere has taken over right field and is hitting well enough to keep the job. Francisco Liriano has been moved back to the rotation, though only Scott Diamond is pitching like someone you'd want starting games regularly.

We'll be facing off against Liriano tonight, Liam Hendriks (a bad right-handed Australian) tomorrow, and Nick Blackburn on the getaway day. Then it's onto playing the last new opponent of the year, the New York Yankees, which will be followed by the part of the summer where my writing gets weird. Time keeps marching on.