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Chicago White Sox draft Courtney Hawkins with 13th pick of 2012 MLB Draft

Courtney Hawkins
Courtney Hawkins

In what had been a pretty weird draft so far (How did Mark Appel fall all the way to the PIttsburgh Pirates at the 8th pick), the White Sox decided to keep up the strangeness by drafting Courtney Hawkins, a high school outfielder from Corpus Christi, Texas. This is the first time the White Sox have drafted a high schooler since RHP Kris Honel out of Providence Catholic with the 16th pick of the 2001 draft.

Okay, while writing this he just did a backflip. And that was awesome. But back to Hawkins. Most mock drafts and experts did not have Hawkins falling this far, which is pretty interesting as we didn't wind up grabbing a college arm. Scouting reports list him as having excellent bat speed and impressive strength. If all pans out, he's looking like an All-Star outfielder but it's going to be a while until he's ready for the majors seeing as he is just graduating high school. It's an interesting pick. Go tell him hello

And here's the backflip: