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All-Star team announcement open thread

Raise your hand if you're an All-Star!

No, Alexei. Put your hand down.
Raise your hand if you're an All-Star! No, Alexei. Put your hand down.

In case you hadn't already heard, Chris Sale has made the 2012 AL All-Star team. This is some of the least shocking news in the world. He's tied for 1st in bWAR for pitchers, 1st in ERA, 4th in wins, 2nd in WHIP, and 9th in strikeouts. Now we just have to hope he doesn't actually pitch in the game.

What other teammates deserve to join him in Kansas City? Hang out here with us to find out.

Paul Konerko is a lock, though it's doubtful he garnered enough votes to pass Prince Fielder for the starting spot in the lineup.

A.J. Pierzynski certainly has the numbers, but isn't likely to make a showing. Maybe if they throw him in as a final vote candidate again.

Jake Peavy is right up there with Sale in almost every pitching category and should be attending.

Outfielders Alex Rios and Alejandro De Aza are both deserving; each ranking 8th in the AL in hits, Rios 1st in triples (De Aza 3rd), and both being top 10 in steals, all while playing great defense. Neither is going to make it though.

Dunn's comeback year is worthy, especially since he ranks third in the league in homeruns. But David Ortiz will of course win the fan vote and then you have to wonder how many 1B/DH types Ron Washington is willing to have on a one game roster.

Whatever winds up happening, we will be sending multiple representatives.