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White Sox acquire Brett Myers

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Brett Myers
Brett Myers

The White Sox have acquired reliever Brett Myers and cash from the Houston Astros in exchange for LHP Blair Walters, a 2011 11th round pick who has been pitching for High-A Winston-Salem, RHP Matt Heidenreich, a 2009 4th round pick who had been pitching for Double-A Birmingham, and a PTBNL.

Myers has served as the Astros' closer this season after spending the last four seasons as a starter. The right-hander previously had served as the Phillies' closer in 2007.

This season, Myers' line is 35 G, 30.2 IP, 35 H, 6 BB, 20 K and he has 19 saves in 20 opportunities.

As one would expect from a converted starter, the 31 year old Myers uses three pitches: a low 90s fastball, a mid 80s slider and an upper 70s curveball.

Myers is being paid $11 million this season and has a $10 million vesting option for 2013 with a $3 million buyout. The option was re-worked this season to vest when Myers reaches a certain number of games finished. The number of games is not known but his original option vested on 25 games started; a commensurate number of games finished would be about 45, a number Myers is well on his way to reaching. [Edit: It is indeed 45 games.] Myers' contract also includes a $500K bonus if he is traded.

The White Sox are reportedly responsible for only $1 million of his remaining salary for this season and will receive an unspecified amount from the Astros for his 2013 buyout/option.

With a White Sox bullpen filled with rookies, the acquisition of at least one veteran reliever was inevitable.