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Terrerobytes: White Sox on trade deadline day

He's the Punky Utility Infielder known as Olmedo...
He's the Punky Utility Infielder known as Olmedo...

The last day Kenny Williams can improve the White Sox roster from the outside is upon us!

Well, that's not quite true. More like, "The last day Kenny Williams can improve the roster without it being a huge hassle is upon is!" But that's not as tidy.

Either way, we know what the deal is: The Sox need depth. Sure, they could improve at a couple positions -- second base is a drag, and Dayan Viciedo is lagging in left field -- but the Sox don't have a wealth of assets to swap, so I'm preparing for the Sox to continue taking on other team's expendables at a reduced cost.

During the conference call for Francisco Liriano, it sounded like Williams was looking for bench help, but that doesn't really narrow it down. The current bench is Rey Olmedo, Tyler Flowers, Orlando Hudson and Jordan Danks, and it's safe to say all can be improved upon.

The other rumors are dead ends, especially after the only guy they were directly linked to, Brandon League, was just traded to the Dodgers. We're back in our familiar position of not knowing what's goong to hit us, which is kind of exciting.

Trades in review

A quick rundown of the trades that took place on Deadline Eve, and their respective reactions:

After a slew of deals that only made the American League tougher, Monday was the National League's day. The only player who I thought might be a fit for the White Sox was Snider, but there's something Lastings Milledge-y about him.



Because there are games and other things besides trades going on:

James makes the interesting point that Williams was actually able to field a contender in part because the internal solutions were so inadequate.

John Danks isn't getting any better, and he isn't getting any worse. This only adds fuel to my theory that forces are conspiring against the Danks brothers ever playing together. If the Sox acquire a fourth outfielder that forces Jordan Danks back to Charlotte, watch John's condition improve.

Regarding a less vague time frame, Robin Ventura imagines giving Chris Sale "five or six days" off.

Brett continues his review of Williams' trade history by looking at the GMs and teams with whom he has the most and least favorable histories.

It's a lot easier to read about Adam Dunn having fun when it's fun watching him.

The White Sox are front and center in the worst pitches and plays of the week, but when they go 5-1, we're laughing with them, not at them.


OK, maybe we're not laughing with Alejandro De Aza.

It's tough being a Royals fan this season. First, they're subjected to Rex Hudler, whose hiring went over so poorly that he and the Royals had to defend his work in the first week. Now, it appears that Hudler has a say in team policy, because the Royals are cracking down on on-field fraternizing and other forms of visible chummery, which Hudler has criticized from the booth. Craig at Royals Review says this doesn't even crack the Top 10 Royals Problems list, but this is the one they're taking a stand against.