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Talkin' Baseball

Hopefully more on-field celebrations are in store for 2012.
Hopefully more on-field celebrations are in store for 2012.

For once, I'm speechless. The game last night has my head spinning in 58 different ways. First, I was happy there was finally an easy win. Then, the White Sox proceeded to blow it and I got about 50 text messages from family and friends expressing dread and saying this is the downfall of the 2012 team. (I would like to note, that I stayed uncharacteristically calm throughout that whole ordeal.) Then Gordon Beckham perfectly placed an infield single and a couple batters later DeWayne Wise was trotting around third base as the Mariners outfielders were laid out and the White Sox won.

This has already been a pretty great season, but it could end up being magical. Things like last night, when what seems like a soul-crushing defeat turns into an improbable victory, you start to feel like real special things are happening. Especially right after Chris Sale dominated the Yankees to complete a sweep.

Wins like this get me feeling nostalgic and have me remembering great times as a White Sox fan. The Winning Ugly clincher, Bo's homer to send the Sox to the playoffs in '93, the Black Out game and basically all of 2005.

A good way to get nostalgic about baseball is listening to Terry Cashman's song, "Willie, Mickey and The Duke" which you can listen to after the jump.

After this song was pretty successful, Cashman came out with an album that featured a version for every team in 1996. Here is Cashman's song about the White Sox:

The song mentions a lot of historical White Sox players and moments, as well as a verse about the '96 team.

Although I liked the 1996 club, which featured Tony Phillips and Danny Tartabull as well as the return of Harold Baines, Robin Ventura's best year and of course Frank Thomas in his prime, that year isn't worth a verse on its own. After all, Terry Bevington is mentioned. That's not good.

So I've taken the liberty of writing a verse for 2012 in place of '96 that starts at the 1:57 mark.

2012 is finally here

Kenny's intentions were unclear

Thank God that Ozzie is long gone

Robin is back at the Cell

Peavy is pitching well

Rios and Dunn aren't playing like bums

It's all good!

Talkin' Baseball

Alexei and Viciedo

Sox Baseball

A.J. and Liriano

If Paulie hits

and Sale brings the heat

Another championship would sure be sweet

Talkin Baseball

On South Side Sox

I'm not a great songwriter or poet, but I don't think it's terrible. Can anyone come up with a better verse? Maybe someone can do one for 2005 or another year/era. I've seen you guys do some creative stuff. You've entered Rhubarb's fiction contest, E-Gus' artwork thingy and have made numerous haikus, so this shouldn't be much of a challenge to you artistic types out there. Let it rip!