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Afternoon notes: Floyd to DL, Arizona Fall League reps

Gavin Floyd's elbow.
Gavin Floyd's elbow.

While Gavin Floyd's elbow MRI came back clean, Robin Ventura sounded apprehensive about an immediate return:

"I think the part that concerns you is he's already had a DL stint for the same thing. Once he starts talking about not feeling right, you just don't like to send him out there or even him take his next start. I don't know. I just know it concerns you enough when you're dealing with a guy's future, his health and all that."

The White Sox had planned to call up Dylan Axelrod one way or another, and they made room for him by placing Floyd on the 15-day disabled list. The DL stint would have been unnecessary if the Sox only thought Floyd would miss a start, since rosters are set to expand by the weekend. Axelrod is supposed to start on Wednesday.

Also on the injury front, Alejandro De Aza was assigned to Charlotte to begin a rehab stint. His stay on the DL dates back retroactively to Aug. 18.

If you missed it in the minor league thread, CSN relayed the initial Arizona Fall League roster assignments:

Taylor Thompson, Salvador Sanchez and Santos Rodriguez are also included. Here's the full Q&A with Buddy Bell.