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John Danks' shoulder surgery successful, with good news

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The White Sox delivered great news regarding John Danks' shoulder today. Compiling the information from @whitesox tweets:

  • #WhiteSox pitcher John Danks underwent successful surgery this am at RUSH University Medical Center.
  • Danks underwent sugery 2 arthroscopically repair a capsular tear & minor debridements of the rotator cuff and biceps in his left shoulder.
  • Danks will be immobilized in a sling for four weeks.
  • Danks is expected to be fully able by the start of 2013 spring training, where he will be on a regular schedule

Most importantly, his labrum was "normal," and it sounds like they didn't even have to do any cleanup, which was the main concern since labrum tears are difficult to find with imaging. Rotator cuffs aren't the simplest of biological wonders, either, but with a full offseason of rest, he's working with a very generous timetable for a full recovery.

Danks had already succumbed to the worst-case scenario with what the Sox identified as a subscapularis tear back in June. He was supposed to begin a rehab assignment in early July, but rest wasn't enough by itself. This time, the best case won, which is a relief considering how much more there was on the line.

In other midday news:

In other starting pitching news:

  • Dylan Axelrod returns from the disabled list to pitch for Charlotte tonight.
  • Against Oakland, Francisco Liriano will pitch on Saturday and Chris Sale on Sunday.