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Tigers 5, White Sox 1: Lead down to one

Dewayne Wise
Dewayne Wise

One could complain about Francisco Liriano walking seven batters over four innings. But as painful as it was to watch, only one of those walks scored. Plus, with expanded rosters, Robin Ventura had plenty of arms to go through (and he took full advantage).

But it didn't really matter how Liriano pitched, or who pitched behind him. For the second straight game, the White Sox couldn't help themselves offensively. And this time, the Sox didn't test the Tigers defense to bail them out.

Max Scherzer is a much better pitcher than a one-legged Doug Fister, and with nine strikeouts, Scherzer became the first pitcher to reach 200 on the season. He held the White Sox's 2-through-5 hitters hitless through 13 plate appearances. Dewayne Wise had a nice game, going 2-for-3 with a walk and two stolen bases, but the guys behind him literally contributed nothing.

Speaking of Wise, he was the only one who even attempted a bunt to Miguel Cabrera. It went foul, but he came back with a single, so no harm done. And even with their problems picking up Scherzer's fastball and slider, the Sox did not bunt one ball at Miguel Cabrera at third base. They didn't hit one ball on the ground to him, either. We're 54 outs into this series, and not one of them was spent making Cabrera prove he could field a bunt. Instead, they were content to hit flyballs to the biggest part of the park.

Also, picking up the continued frustrations from Friday, Delmon Young tripled and homered -- both on the first pitch.

The Sox did break up the shutout in the ninth inning off Jose Valverde. Paul Konerko doubled to right-center and Orlando Hudson drove him in with a triple. Now they have to see if they can carry that momentum into a start against Justin Verlander.

Bullet points:

  • Guys who made their White Sox debuts: Dan Johnson (1-for-3), Duente Heath (two outs in two pitches).
  • Johnson started when Adam Dunn reported a tweaked oblique.
  • Gordon Beckham made a couple of sensational plays, both on Prince Fielder. He ranged to his right for an inning-ending diving play, and then somehow gloved a blistered one-hopper to start a double play behind Heath.
  • Hudson's triple means the Sox are 1-for-20 with runners in scoring position this series instead of 0-for-19.

Record: 72-60 | Box score | Play-by-play