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Viciedo needs to get it Dunn

Dayan has some big shoes to fill.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Dayan has some big shoes to fill. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Big series starting today. Real big. Huge.

The biggest of all the cats are in town for a four game set. One of these teams has to win the Central, but neither seems to want it.

Both squads are 3-5 so far in September, but at least Detroit can say 2 of their Ws were against Chicago. I don't see either team getting into post season play as a wild card. If they weren't leading their division the Sox would be 2.5 games back and the 5th team vying for the 2 wild card spots.

Central or bust.

It's hard to be optimistic after the series the White Sox just limped through vs. Kansas City this weekend. The lack of depth was painfully obvious. Especially when our green manager keeps trotting September call ups out there as if they actually belonged in a major league uniform. Needless to say, Kevin Youkilis and Adam Dunn were sorely missed these last few days. Fortunately, Yolk should be back tonight- we haven't heard anything to the contrary, and three days off for paternity leave is plenty.

I'm worried about the rest of the season if it doesn't include Dunn. Especially against right handed pitching.

It doesn't sound too good when you read this quote he gave csn chicago yesterday-

"It gets to the point where it makes you mad because you sneeze and you’re doubled over," Dunn said. "It feels like you just ripped it in half and it just makes you mad, is what it does."

If you are doubled over in pain from the sneezes, you probably wont be swinging for the fences any time soon. Back injuries are brutal. The littlest thing can aggravate them, and there is a lot of torque in Biggun's home run hack.

Defensively the Sox are probably better off with DeWayne Wise patrolling left than Viciedo, but Dayan filling in at DH isn't going to match any of Dunn's numbers, save strike outs. While has has hit Rick Porcello well so far this season(3 for 8, a HR and a K), overall the splits tell the story:

vs RHP

Dunn .353 OBP .485 SLG through 309 AB

Dayan .263 OBP .370 SLG through 338 AB

DeWayne .359 OBP .518 SLG through 110 AB

Wise can seemingly make up some of the difference there(small sample size be damned) but I'd be a lot more comfortable with the big donkey in the line up. I don't expect to see him for the Detroit series, so that means we will either see Dayan's 13 BB vs 92 Ks against RHP, or maybe Dan Johnson and his 7 total ABs for 2012.

Hurry back Adam.

This team's offense is built on the home run. Not having the AL HR leader for a pivotal divisional showdown? Less than ideal, but I didn't expect them to thrive with 9 rookie pitchers earlier this season, either. This 2012 team has been full of surprises, lets hope they have another trick or two up their sleeve(like relentless bunting at Cabrera) vs Detroit.

Go Sox.