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Roller Coaster of Love

Ok Detroit... you beat us this time... but Monday, September 10th-13th we challenge you to HELL AT THE CELLLLLLL!
Ok Detroit... you beat us this time... but Monday, September 10th-13th we challenge you to HELL AT THE CELLLLLLL!

I'm just as disgusted right now as you guys are. This road trip was a perfect opportunity to separate from the pack. Instead, we've gone 1-5 so far and now the lead is down to one game in the division. The Sox have been rotten on the road lately, and even worse in Detroit where we are 3-17 in our last 20 games at Comerica.

Fortunately, today is our last game of the season there. Hopefully, Chris Sale out-duels Justin Verlander. If he does, the White Sox come home up 2 games, having lost only .5 games on the trip. Even if he doesn't and the Tigers complete the sweep, they will come home tied for the lead.

The Sox have had a reversal of fortunes this season. Early in the year, the Sox were awful at home and did some damage on the road. Since the start of July though, the boys are 20-4 at the Cell with series wins over the Rangers, Yankees, Angels, A's and Mariners. They are 11-19 on the road over that time. Seventeen of our last twenty-nine games will be played here, including three with the Twins to start things off on Monday.

The last time we got swept in Detroit, the Tigers took the lead in the division by 1.5 games. Within 6 days, the Sox had a 2.5 game lead. The Twins were our first opponents after the July Detroit debacle as well. So while the last week might seem like the roof is caving in, it really isn't.

The Tigers get a pretty cake matchup on Monday as well, as the Indians come in for a three game set. After that series though, Detroit takes off on a ten game trip that will start out in Anaheim. The Angels have been hot lately, winning five straight.

Then they come to Chicago. They haven't had much problems with us here either, but they also haven't faced us at the Cell since we started dominating at home. If they sweep us that series, there will be serious cause for concern.

Right now though, the worst we can be is tied for the lead on September 3rd with a 10 game homestand on the horizon. It isn't as good as it could have been, but it is far from the end of the world.

This roller coaster ride is only just beginning. Like any loving relationship, there will be plenty of ups and downs this next month. When the ride stops, either we'll think it was great or we will barf in the garbage can. Until then, enjoy riding the Love Rollercoaster.