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The bullpen bar gets better all the time

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<strong>sss'ers at the bullpen bar</strong>- trooper, south side expat, Kyle321N, lockport sox, lil jimy, craigws  taking the new tables for a test drive <em>AND</em> hydro_wonk 3 rows up in the background.
sss'ers at the bullpen bar- trooper, south side expat, Kyle321N, lockport sox, lil jimy, craigws taking the new tables for a test drive AND hydro_wonk 3 rows up in the background.

As you may recall, we had a mini meet up at the Cell during the last home stand when all was still right in the world. The Sox remained undefeated in official meet up games, the drinks were flowing and good times were had by all.

We decided to buy the cheap seats and try our luck with the reserved tables. Being a bullpen bar big shot, they made sure to give me a first look at the new tables they are installing to replace the old uncomfortable blue picnic benches. Instead of sitting perpendicular to the field of play and having the straddle your table mates for optimum viewing, we were treated to a comfortable chair that swivels with a back and everything. These were a hot commodity for us sss'ers, after a few civil innings the savages relegated to the old table changed the game in the later frames, and the pristine thrones became a prize in the timeless game of move your meat, lose your seat.

Soon you wont have to fight over these beauties though, as the Sox plan to replace all the blue relics with the stylish half moon shaped tables 'before the playoffs'. I assume they have swapped out a few more while the team was on the road trip from hell, but I wont know until I head back to the park tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

Thanks again to Jenny from the Miller Light Bullpen Bar for taking care of us. All she asked in return was to 'have your friends like us on facebook!' While I typically wouldn't use sss to promote, well, basically anything, I think in this instance it's ok, as this is just another resource for frugal Sox fans to find good deals like this one they recently pointed out from groupon (good for 40% off a patio party), as well as another angle to see what is going on with your favorite baseball outfit. So if you do the facebook, maybe check out the Miller Lite Bullpen Bar's official page and send a 'like' their way. Or don't. Whatever.

The new tables really are great, a big improvement on what was already one of my favorite parts of the park.