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2013 White Sox Season in Review

Final grades: White Sox position players

The reviews are in, and pretty much everybody is going to be disappointed

The longest White Sox home runs of 2013

Adam Dunn once again leads the pack, but he's going to need some reinforcement next season

White Sox Decision Review: Third base

Jeff Keppinger flopped in his first year, but revisiting the free agent pool suggest there were no solutions to be found

White Sox Decision Review: Bullpen

Improvements to the relief corps were possible, but not in a meaningful way

Right on Q: Analyzing White Sox attendance

The White Sox were a dud on the field; but attendance could have been much worse.

The top 10 wins of the 2013 season

Only 63 to choose from, but a lack of offense made practically every game a nail-biter

A season of Hawk Harrelson superlatives

The venerable White Sox broadcaster placed more than 100 possibly venerable titles on players and teams throughout the season

The five archetypes of 2013's painful losses

Robin Ventura's crew ran out of ways to lose during a 63-99 season

White Sox Decision Review: Starting rotation

Letting Francisco Liriano go to Pittsburgh doesn't look like a great idea in hindsight, but let's take a look at whether it would have made a difference in Chicago

The clutchest performances of 2013

In a season of close games, some players were occasionally able to turn them into wins

Alejandro De Aza's year in baserunning

The White Sox had a tough year on the basepaths, and their leadoff man set the table

2013 fielding review: the catchers

Defense was supposed to improve with the catchers this year with A.J. gone. How'd they do?