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The longest White Sox home runs of 2013

Adam Dunn once again leads the pack, but he's going to need some reinforcement next season

Jonathan Daniel

The White Sox are expected to announce the Jose Abreu signing today, and they could use the power. Of the six longest home runs hit by the Sox in 2013, four are property of Adam Dunn, and the other two belong to a guy who is no longer on the team. And with Dunn being phased out, somebody needs to step up. I mean, Tom Paciorek isn't going to make himself laugh, right? (Don't answer that.)

While we wait for the news, let's take a look at this year's longest blasts, according to Hit Tracker Online.

No. 5(t): Adam Dunn off Bruce Chen

Date: July 28 | Distance: 438 feet | Speed off bat: 106.9 mph

The second pitch in the sequence was an 89 mph fastball. The third pitch was an 87 mph fastball over the heart of the plate, and Dunn didn't miss it, tying the game at 2.

(Also known as the "Dyson's Speed Is Negated" homer.)

No. 5(t): Alex Rios off Jerome Williams

Date: May 16 | Distance: 438 feet | Speed off bat: 109.7 mph

Paciorek, who witnessed last year's two most titanic blasts, was in Anaheim for this one. Rios' homer didn't trigger the same Krusty cackle, but that handsome no-doubt finish was to Wimpy's audible liking.

No. 4: Adam Dunn off Jeremy Guthrie

Date: Sept. 26 | Distance: 445 feet | Speed off bat: 112.2 mph

Another satisfying blast off a long-time Kansas City nemesis that tied the game at 2. This was to the pull field, so it had a lot more swat to it, landing about three rows short of the concourse.

No. 3: Alex Rios off J.A. Happ

Date: April 17 | Distance: 446 feet | Speed off bat: 109.0 mph

Colby Rasmus did moo, but it wasn't necessary. Rios put a dent on the second-deck facade of his old stomping grounds, which prompted a chorus of satisfying boos. For whatever reason, Rios lost that pop over the last three-plus months.

No. 2: Adam Dunn off R.A. Dickey

Date: June 10 | Distance: 452 feet | Speed off bat: 110.7 mph

This homer didn't need Hawk Harrelson's command to "stretch," but in Hawk's defense, good luck tracking it with confidence to the farthest part of the ballpark through the fog. The thick atmosphere couldn't really knock this one down.

No. 1: Adam Dunn off Rick Porcello

Date: Aug. 4 | Distance: 462 feet | Speed off bat: 110.3 mph

Dunn also took this one to dead center, although that's 420 feet at Comerica Park. This one went more than 40 feet beyond that, clearing the first row of hedges in a place where only Miguel Cabrera treads.

Honorable mentions:

(Click the description for the video)

Loftiest homer: 139 feet, Tyler Flowers off A.J. Griffin on June 9.

Shortest homer: 349 feet, Dayan Viciedo off Ervin Santana on April 3. This was the first time Alex Gordon faked out Sox personnel in left field, but it wouldn't be the last.

Slowest homer: 94.8 mph, Viciedo off Max Scherzer on July 22.