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The five archetypes of the 2013 White Sox's worst games

Robin Ventura's crew ran out of ways to lose during a 63-99 season

Bob Levey

Whether it's health care, phones or awful ballgames, too many choices can pose a problem.

At least that's what I encountered when I tried ranking the worst White Sox games of 2013.

The first sweep came up with a couple dozen games, and in the process of weeding out a handful that didn't measure up, I ended up playing a sadistic game of Memory (find the matching Jason Giambi walkoffs!). Too many games resembled each other to make a ranking both interesting and meaningful, and by the last month of the season, I'd wager that we all became too numb to feel a difference between them.

So instead, I called an audible and sorted the games by the five ways the Sox stunned their own fans, highlighting the most "impressive" one of the bunch, followed by its identical or fraternal twins. If I missed any, let me know.


The blown lead

Archetype: Tigers 7, White Sox 6 on Sept. 22

Not only did the White Sox carry a 6-0 lead into the ninth inning and lose, but it also robbed Chris Sale of a much-needed win. While this game lacked the uglier moments of other losses, the history-making improbability puts it a cut above the rest.



The total embarrassment

The archetype: Indians 14, White Sox 3 on Sept. 12

Two quick out-of-hand innings led to Robin Ventura's shortest press conference of the season.



The crosstown letdown

The archetype: Cubs 7, White Sox 0 on May 27

After reaching .500 with a three-game sweep of Miami, the Sox opened a two-and-two series with the Cubs by playing awful defense and getting two-hit by Jeff Samardzija. They never sniffed .500 again.



The slow death by baserunning

The archetype: Astros 4, White Sox 3 on June 15

Jordan Danks is picked off of second for the final out of the game. While the Sox committed multiple basepath blunders on other days, Danks' futile pleading as the worst team in baseball celebrates is one of those indelible moments.



The Pyrrhic victory

The archetype: White Sox 5, Mets 4 on June 25

Speaking of indelible moments: