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2013 White Sox promotions

A look at the strange days and free things you can expect to see and receive at the ballpark this summer.

I kind of want the bobblehead to look like this.
I kind of want the bobblehead to look like this.
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

It's one of my favorite days of the offseason today: the day they reveal the upcoming season's promotional schedule. That's right, I am a small child who is easily excited by getting free things from the White Sox. I'm just going to give a quick breakdown of each months' top four, but if you would like to see the full list here you go.


  1. 4/27: Harold Baines bobblehead. Just as loud as the real Harold!
  2. 4/6: 1983 White Sox knit bomber hat. I'm enjoying my growing collection of strange Sox hats that I won't wear, but am happy to own.
  3. 4/6-4/7: White Sox calender. Just a standard calender, but still kind of handy to have.
  4. 4/20: White Sox puzzle cube. This bound to be amazing/bizarre Rubik's Cube would rank higher, but apparently it's just for children.


  1. 5/11: Paul Konerko bobblehead. My mantel is starting to run out of space and I don't even care.
  2. 5/25: 1983 White Sox cap. Not much to say other than free hat.
  3. 5/10: Cinco past Cinco de Mayo and fireworks. Mostly just for the name and a the raggaeton that will be playing.
  4. 5/12: Mothers' Day tote bag. Same as the puzzle cube. Since I'm not a woman above the age of 14, I cannot receive said bag. I've tried in the past. It did not go well.


  1. 6/8: 1983 White Sox (XL) shirt. June is a rough month for giveaways. Slightly large men rejoice!
  2. 6/9: 1983 White Sox (XL) kids' jersey. Husky children rejoice! And then go run laps.
  3. 6/28: Mullet Night. No giveaway, but a lot of weird people accepting free haircuts.
  4. Nope. That's pretty much it for June.


  1. 7/27: Orgullo Sox festival on the Plaza. I'm hoping they release more details as the summer goes on. Mid-summer is looking weak.
  2. 7/2: Polish Heritage Night. Orgullo won first place because it is far more fun to say. Orgullo!
  3. 7/19: Giveaway and fireworks presented by Miller Lite. This gets to be third because the giveaway could be anything! It's probably herpes, regret, and disappointment, but maybe not!
  4. 7/24: Greek Heritage Night. Feta cheese is gross.

And I'm going to stop there, because other than Halfway to St. Patrick's Day on 9/14, nothing major is listed for the rest of the summer. Pretty sure that will change as time goes by, so keep your eyes open for maybe a third bobblehead or something of that nature.