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Follow SoxFest (and the people who tweet about it) here

South Side Sox will be represented on the ground at SoxFest throughout the weekend. Keep up with our updates (and everybody else's) without needing to refresh.

Not going to SoxFest? Well, this is the next closest thing to being there! You know, if people went to SoxFest to read 140-character messages.

We'll be covering SoxFest all weekend long. If you're on Twitter, you're going to want to follow your friendly South Side Sox correspondents who will be on the scene at the Palmer House:

Below, I'm experimenting with a tool called Rebelmouse. Following SoxFest on Twitter and other social media is similar to herding cats, and this may be a good way to collect the most recent, relevant updates throughout the weekend in one place. The most important tweets from our guys should float to the top, with other #SoxFest tweets filling in below for additional color. If you don't choose the option for the tweets to load automatically, it will notify you when there are new posts to see.

(Note for mobile/tablet users: You'll have better luck following the stream on our Rebelmouse page.)

Or it might not work the way I'm imagining, but it's worth an honest chance. Constructive feedback is appreciated, because I'll be learning by doing.