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SSS Interactive Hall of Fame Ballot results

The South Side Sox voters have voiced their opinion and three men have reached the 75 percent threshold for enshrinement.

Jim McIsaac

We had a record turnout this year as 214 ballots were cast. A candidate needed 161 votes to enter into the Hall of Fame. Three players on this years' ballot of 37 achieved that mark and will be enshrined in a ceremony at the meet up in June.

Without further ado, here are the results:

The Hall is Calling (75%+)

Craig Biggio 80.8%- The former Houston Astro great and member of the 3,000 hit club was named on 173 ballots. He gets the call to the Hall in his first year on the ballot.

Mike Piazza 80.8%- The former Dodger and Met star matched Biggio with 173 votes. Piazza, the greatest offensive catcher in the history of the game, will go in wearing a Dodger cap.

Tim Raines 76.1%- The Rock gets elected from the South Side Sox brass for the second time. He was elected in 2011, when he was named on 79% of ballots. Last year, he dropped to 73%, but he is back in for 2012. He will go in as a member of the Expos.

Just missed (60-74.99%):

Jeff Bagwell 74.2%- The Astros star will watch his teammate, Biggio, go in from the crowd. Bagwell got 159 votes, two shy of the 161 needed. Last year, he received 73.8% and in 2011 he netted 68.3% so maybe next year is his year.

Strong Support (50-59.99%):

Barry Bonds 58.8%- The all-time home run king fell 35 votes shy of enshrinement, as he was named on 126 ballots. The steroid use was too much of an issue for the SSS voters to overcome. He will give it a try next year.

Roger Clemens 57%- The pitcher with the most Cy Young awards ever also missed the cut. Clemens was named on 122 ballots, falling 39 votes short.

Curt Schilling 50.4%- The post-season hero for three franchises received 108 votes in his first season on the ballot, falling 53 votes shy.

Good Support (40-49.99%):

Edgar Martinez 46.7%- Edgar suffered from the new names on the ballot. Last season, the DH was named on 70% of the ballots and the year prior he was on 63.3%. With the new names, he only received 100 votes.

Alan Trammell 46.2%- The former Tiger received 99 votes. Unlike Martinez, he didn't see much of a drop off. He was named on 50% last season and 44.5% the year prior. He's hoping to make some gains next year.

Made a showing (20%-39.9%):

Jack Morris 32.7%- The World Series hero received 70 votes. He never receives much support in these parts. Last year he got 40% of the vote and snagged 18.8% two years ago.

Kenny Lofton 28%- The former Indian was named on 60 ballots his first time through. I hope he gets this much support on the real ballot, but I doubt it.

Lee Smith 27.5%- The man who ranks third in career saves snagged 59 votes. He received 36.9% last year and 25.7% the year before.

Mark McGwire 25.2%- One of the greatest sluggers of our time checks in with 54 votes. He is another case of steroids hurting his Hall chances. He received 31% of the vote in each of the previous two years and saw a bit of a falloff.

Fred McGriff 23.8%- The Crime Dog didn't get the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was better than we all thought he was at the time due to inflated stats from abusers. He was named on 32.3% last year and 19.8% in 2011.

Larry Walker 21.4%- The former member of the Rockies saw a slight reduction from last year (24.6%) and two years ago (22.7%). He'll give it another go in 2013.

Still on the ballot (5-19.99%)

Sammy Sosa 14.4%- Slammin' Sammy received 31 votes in his first trip to the ballot. The man who hit 60 home runs in more seasons than anyone else will be back next year.

Dale Murphy 14.4%- In his final year of eligibility, Murphy received 31 votes. He got 19.2% last year and only 5.94% in 2011. He is now eligible for selection by the veterans committee.

Don Mattingly 13.08%- Donnie Baseball got 28 votes, good enough to stay on the ballot for another year. Last season he got 26.1% and got 11.8% in 2011.

Rafael Palmeiro 10.2%- Palmeiro received 22 votes and is still the most harshly judged steroid guy. Last year, he was on 20% of ballots and two years ago he was named on 14.85%.

It was good knowing you (0-4.99%). Eleven votes were needed to stay on the ballot.

Bernie Williams- 8 votes. The Yankee legend falls off after receiving 20% of the vote last year.

Sandy Alomar- 7 votes. The former catcher says good-bye after falling four votes short.

Julio Franco- 6 votes. The ageless wonder didn't make the cut.

Roberto Hernandez- 4 votes. The former Sox closer couldn't benefit from home-field advantage and is off the ballot.

David Wells- 4 votes. That is four too many in my opinion.

Steve Finley- 3 votes. 300 HR and 300 SB doesn't mean what it once did apparently.

Shawn Green- 2 votes. Solid outfielder that didn't have the longevity needed to get any attention.

Todd Walker- 2 votes. I don't know if two people actually voted for him or just clicked his box instead of Larry's on accident.

Reggie Sanders- 1 vote. Another 300/300 member falls by the wayside.

Aaron Sele- 1 vote. Really?

Jeff Cirilo, Royce Clayton, Jeff Conine, Ryan Klesko, Jose Mesa, Mike Stanton, Rondell White, Woody Williams:

None of the above players received a vote and will slowly fade into a distant memory. How sad.


Biggio and Piazza cruised all week. Raines fell under 75% at a few points along the way, but ultimately ended up where he needed to be. Bagwell was right around 75% the whole time and just missed the cut by two stinking votes.

While more than half of us were willing to look past the steroid allegations on Bonds and Clemens, the other users received minimal support.

There were two votes of "None".

Eighteen guys fell off the ballot, but 19 will return. They will be joined next year by Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Mike Mussina, Jeff Kent, Moises Alou, Ray Durham, Hideo Nomo, Keith Foulke, Esteban Loaiza as well as a host of others.

SSS Hall of Fame class 2013: Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines

SSS Hall of Fame class 2012: Barry Larkin

SSS Hall of Fame class 2011: Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven, Tim Raines

Here are the individual voting results to search who your favorite SSS member voted for. (The last vote I counted was line 215, bmhhunter).

Here are the results from 2012.

Here are the results from 2011.

Thanks for participating. The Hall of Fame ballot is pretty much my favorite article of the year to conduct. I look forward to getting even more votes next year.