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Rosenthal: White Sox to sign Abreu, 6 years/$68 million

Accelerating rumor mill finally produces a dollar figure

Koji Watanabe

Reports are coming in that the Chicago White Sox are finishing up a deal with Jose Abreu.

This contact will dwarf the six-year, $42 million deal that the Dodgers gave Yasiel Puig last summer.  Based on a tweet from Peter Gammons, the White Sox well exceeded the bid from the Red Sox, one of the other leading contenders mentioned earlier today, and turned out to nearly match the amounts mentioned above.

So far, everything is silent from the Sox, but we'll keep you updated as soon as something is finalized.  In the meantime, the victory laps can probably begin...

UNLESS: Rangers beat writer T.R. Sullivan isn't late to the game:

The Rangers are definitely making a push for Cuban first baseman Jose Abreu. The are indications that Abreu is close to a decision and the Rangers could end up getting him. The White Sox are also hot after him but one source familiar with the negotiations said the Rangers are expected to land him.

MEANWHILE: Dallas Morning News columnist Evan Grant has weighed in:

UPDATE (10:14): The Rangers' late charge apparently failed.