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White Sox-Giants World Tour: Nov. 12, 1913

A rainout cancels the game in Sacramento, but Charles Comiskey is still on schedule to join his club in the Bay Area

Charles Comiskey in 1910.
Charles Comiskey in 1910.
Boston Public Library

The first weather postponement of the tour to not feature a staged badger fight...

Nov. 12 in Sacramento, Calif: Rainout

The Honeymoon Special rolled into the California capital with a downpour covering the area, and there was no hope of getting the game in. Several thousand fans were expected to attend, but the Chicago Tribune said the players welcomed the day off, as "the rest gave the cripples a chance to recuperate."

From Sacramento, the White Sox and Giants were on their way to the Bay Area, and Charles Comiskey was going to meet them there. He, McGraw and manager Jimmy Callahan would then settle on the rosters to take overseas.

On this day, Comiskey's train from Chicago stopped in Salt Lake City, Utah. Also in the Tribune, a fan on the Commy Express named Joseph C. Farrell (his byline actually read "White Sox rooter") relayed this update from a "local newspaper" in the area, which shows a questionable understanding of Asia:

Charles A. Comiskey will arrive in Salt Lake at noon today with a staff of interpreters and linguistical experts who will explain the game to the newspaper writers of the orient. He wants to see that the Chinese papers get the box scores correct. These interpreters will do much toward conquering Japan, baseballically speaking, and will stop the yellow peril on the coast.

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