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White Sox rumors: Rick Hahn uses suggestive language

No news on the Paul Konerko front, but GM says that hasn't interfered with offseason action to date

Hector Santiago says he isn't sweating the rumor season.
Hector Santiago says he isn't sweating the rumor season.
Jonathan Daniel

During the White Sox' annual signing day for their Amateur City Elite program, Rick Hahn provided an update on the offseason, and hinted that we might see some action.

"There have been a lot of names exchanged, a lot of ideas thrown across the board," Hahn said. "Not perhaps real good ideas, which is why nothing has taken place on the trade front just yet. I think activity is picking up. … We well could have something in the next day or it could take through Orlando when the logjam sort of breaks."


Perhaps we shouldn't read the bold-faced text all Cosby-faced, but the official chatter from the White Sox usually doesn't contain such teases. Sure, he technically gave a three-week window, but ...

We well could have something in the next day

... come on. That ain't normal. Looks like today's going to be a heavy Twitter day.


It'd be kinda goofy if Hahn pulled the trigger on a significant deal before what-should've-been-the-first-official-item-of-business had resolved itself. Instead, Paul Konerko's vision quest carries into the Nov. Twentysomethings with no major updates:

"It’s not really hamstringing us in terms of our planning," Hahn said. "We have a plan obviously if he’s back and we have a plan if he’s not back. We haven’t missed on any opportunities to fill that role if he doesn’t fill it himself. I think it’s going to be resolved for his preparation and for the terms of getting ready for spring training to have it set by December. I think we’ll be able to do that." [...]

"I don’t think Paulie wants to play just to be on the bench or a farewell tour," Hahn said. "That’s not him. He’s not looking to go to every ballpark and receive a gift or a special sendoff from White Sox fans. He would want to play only if he felt he had something left in the tank and something to add to a club."


Hector Santiago has been the subject of trade conversations, mostly because pitching depth is the one area the Sox can deal from. He's had some time to think about it, because after throwing 149 innings for the Sox this season, he's had to adjust to not pitching over the winter.

"I kind of felt scared to stop throwing," said a smiling Santiago, who was at U.S. Cellular Field on Tuesday as 12 players from the White Sox Amateur City Elite program signed collegiate letters of intent. "I wanted to go play winter ball but [White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper], with a month left in the season, said, 'No chance.'

"It's the first time I actually stopped moving my arm in 5 1/2 years. I talked to [Addison] Reed and Donnie Veal at [Matt] Lindstrom's wedding and they said, 'You're throwing already?' I'm like, 'Yeah, I don't know what to do.'"

He found a way to keep busy on Tuesday, making the trip from Newark for the ACE signing day:

Santiago grew up playing for an RBI team in Newark, N.J. He said he related to the ACE players and was happy to be asked to participate.

"I said you don’t have to ask because it’s something I love being around, coming from an inner-city group like these guys," Santiago said. "…Growing up and going through the same things they did, being here and seeing it and having gone through the same things they did, it’s nice."

Santiago's history of such work makes it clear there are no ulterior motives at play, but I suppose it's never a bad idea to prove your intangible worth around this time of year if you want to stick around.


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