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Adam Eaton to White Sox rumors

Kenny Williams said an exciting deal is coming. Adam Eaton just might be part of that deal.

Denis Poroy

White Sox Executive VP Kenny Williams was on the MLB Network's Hot Stove show this morning.  While spending a good deal of time busting on Ken Rosenthal for saying the White Sox were having one of the five worst offseasons so far, he did leak a fairly significant rumor.

We have something we're working on that Rosenthal has no idea of that's going to make us more exciting to the fans and get a player are fans are going to gravitate to.

With Rosenthal distracted with the interview, Keith Law sent out a tweet with a very significant rumor that would fit what the Sox might be looking for.

Dan Hayes at CSN Chicago followed up and confirmed the rumor as well.

Left-handed hitting Eaton split time between left and center field last year.  He also spent some significant time on the DL last season after injuring his UCL in Spring Training, and slashed .252/.314/.360 in 66 games.  In the minors, Eaton put up a way more impressive .348/.450/.501 and walked in more than 11.5% of his plate appearances.  While these numbers include some inflated PCL numbers, he was also .302/.416/.413 in the Diamondbacks's AA team in Mobile in the pitcher friendly Southern League.

Update: To temper expectations, the Diamondbacks are also in for Shin-Soo Choo.

The thought is that if the Diamondbacks sign Choo, they would trade for a starting pitcher.  If they trade for Mark Trumbo, they may sign a free agent starting pitcher.