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Adam Eaton to White Sox, Hector Santiago to Angels reported as a done deal

The reported deal-- Mark Trumbo to the Diamondbacks, Adam Eaton to the White Sox, Hector Santiago and Tyler Skaggs to the Angels with a sprinkling of players to be named later.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

It's been a fast moving afternoon.

Anyway, it appears that the deal is done:

  • White Sox receive Adam Eaton from Diamondbacks
  • Angels receive Hector Santiago from Sox and Tyler Skaggs from Arizona
  • Diamondbacks receive Mark Trumbo from Arizona and two players to be named later

There were different reports about which way prospects were heading, but finally it seems settled -- the Diamondbacks receive one player to be named later from each team.

None of the minor-league PTBNLs will be exchanged until after the Rule 5 draft on Thursday.  Also, the White Sox are not getting Howie Kendrick in this trade.  Considering the number of times his name came up -- Hank Conger's, too -- we might not be quite done with dealing with the Angels this offseason.